Victoria Bailey

Gifts & Travel



BONJOUR: 1 hour

Delighted to make your acquaintance.


BISOUS: 2 hours

A proper introduction — preferred minimum.


L'APÉRO: 3 hours

Cocktails and conversation — suggested for new friends.


LE DÎNER: 4 hours

Dinner date and dessert — the most popular.


LA FÊTE: 6 hours

Let's paint the town red.


LA SOIRÉE: 14 hours 

Sweet dreams are made of these.


LA JOURNÉE: 24 hours

The great escape.


* Note: fees are for my time and company only.


VIP Details

  • Availability: My typical availability is Monday through Thursday 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM and 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Appointments outside these times may be possible by arrangement.

  • Scheduling: 48 hours notice is preferred. Travel requires two weeks' notice minimum. Since appointments are limited, I recommend booking as far in advance as possible.​

  • Venue: I will come to you. If you would prefer that I host, please include $200 with your deposit so that I can secure a space for us to enjoy.

  • Cancellations: Deposits are forfeited with cancellation. A new appointment (and new deposit) will be required to reschedule. If I have an emergency and am unable to honor our time, you will receive an immediate refund in full with my sincerest apologies.​


  • Verification and Deposits: Routine verification is done simply so I can make sure you're someone I feel safe going on a first date with. A 20% deposit for dates confirms our time together. I can walk you through the discreet digital options I offer once verification is finalized.

  • Dates: Dates longer than two hours will enjoy a mix of public and private time. Extended dates receive priority.

  • Overnights: Overnights are 14 hours and must include dinner that evening along with coffee in the morning. (And 7 hours of beauty sleep.)


Fly Me To You & Travel


LE DÎNER: 4 hours

Dinner date and dessert.


LA FÊTE: 6 hours

Let's paint the town red.



Time enough for an adventure.


LA JOURNÉE: 24 hours 

The great escape.


LE WEEKEND: 2 days

Partners in crime. *International minimum



Prepare For Departure

  • Rates: Travel rates make it possible for me to safely block off plenty of time in my schedule to make a special trip just for you. I love any excuse to pack my bags and am an easygoing travel companion if you'd like company on the road.

  • Transportation & Accommodations: So that I can easily come see you and have somewhere to lay my pretty little head, these need to be paid in full with your deposit.​

  • Deposits: Travel requires a 50% deposit along with transportation and accommodations paid in full to confirm our date.​

  • Scheduling: Two weeks' notice is preferred for travel. Since appointments are limited, I recommend booking as far in advance as possible.

  • Sponsor a Tour: If you book a FMTY date and pay in advance, I'll build a tour in your city around our rendezvous.

  • Privacy: If we're traveling together, please give me a few hours per day to myself to relax, re-set, and get pretty for you. (You can't rush art!)

  • Sleep: In order for me to be considered human I need 7 hours of sleep and two cups of coffee to function.